SureShifter® and Sure T Shifter

A retrofit illuminated gear selection indicators for 4, 5, and 6 speed transmissions. The standard shift knob is constructed from Delrin. Billet aluminum w/wo anodizing and burl are also available options. An aluminum beauty ring is optional. The display cover is a "black out lens" (clear lens available) with an automatic brightness control.  There is a vibration warning when Reverse is engaged. All indicator LEDs light up green when the transmission is in neutral. A corresponding LED will turn Red indicating the gear engaged. Reverse indicator blinks and vibrates.  

Click here for B&M Rachet Installation

Basic Introductory Pricing:

Black Delrin 5-speed illuminated manual gear selection indicator shiftknob (SURESHIFTER®) with "Blackout lens", ambient light sensor, and vibrating reverse indicator  

Starting at $175 plus shipping
(approx.$25.00) and optional guaranteed installation for an additional $50.


SureShifter® Classic

An easy to install modified carbon black delrin shiftknob with LED backlit shiftpattern and red blinking/vibrating Reverse indicator. Connects to 12 volt power and the Backup light wire. Includes:  Blackout lens and auto dimming for nightime driving(Specify shiftlever thread size)


SureShifter® Corvette Package

Custom fabricated angle faced illuminated black delrin shiftknob with gear selection indicators. Six speed application with auto dimming and Reverse vibration/blinking LED warning. Fitted to B&M shifter #45044

SureShifter® Porsche Package

The SURESHIFTER Deluxe for Porsche 5 speed manuals is now available. Easy retrofit installation. Custom machined carbon black Delrin shiftknob with LED backlighting and imbedded gear selection indicators. Reverse indicator Blinks Red and shiftknob vibrates(optional) for positive engagement. Blackout lens and autodimming for nighttime illumination.  Hall effect sensors with magnetic activator and 12volt hookup wires included. 

       $175.00 standard / $195.00 with vibrating shiftknob option.

The Surematic™

A retrofit application designed for 3 and 4 speed automatic transmissions equipped with Lokar or B&M Quicksilver, Ratchet, and Pistol grip shifters.  Installation requires removing and replacing the OEM shift knob with a custom illuminated shift knob and installing the sensor apparatus at the base of the shift lever where the backup light and neutral safety switch are located (the Surematic™ sensor circuit replaces these switches with a digital circuit.  An activating magnetic ring is attached to the gear lever.  The indicator displays include a blackout lens, automatic brightness control, and vibration warning device for reverse.

Basic Introductory Pricing:

Black Delrin 3-speed illuminated gear selection indicator shiftknob  with "Blackout lens", ambient light sensor, and vibrating reverse indicator 

Starting at $250 plus shipping (approx.$25.00) & optional guaranteed installation for an additional $50.  Add $40 for center button Reverse lockout release.


Lokar center release retrofit backlit shiftknob with gear selection indicators, blackout lens and vibrating Reverse warning. 3 and 4 speed units available 

• $ 290.00 (Add $20.00 for 4 speed)


A retrofit application designed for some OEM, Atlas, and Staxx transfer cases.  These gear selection indicators show Hi/Neutral/Lo range engagement.  The indicator display includes a blackout lens and automatic brightness control.  The shift knobs are CNC machined from Carbon Black Delrin  for lifetime durability and are watertight for extreme conditions.  The sensor ring is attached to the base of the shift lever and an activating magnetic ring is attached to the gear lever.

Basic Introductory Pricing:  

Black Delrin illuminated transfer case gear selection indicator shiftknob for Atlas direct shift (not cable operated) applications


Starting at $110.00 plus shipping (approximately $25)
Includes ambient light sensor, shift lever position sensors, magnet, and wiring with 3-year warranty; 

4-position indicators are available for $125 each


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Shipping charges, tax, and any balance due will be required 

at time of shipping.

Please allow 6-8 weeks for "standard" applications.  

We do custom modifications that may require a client to send their shifter or drop ship directly from the maunufacturer( B&M, Hurst, Lokar) for guarnteed fit, form and function.

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Product Image Gallery
A typical magnet holder attachment to the gear lever
Polished Redwood Burl 5speed SURESHIFTER® - aluminum beauty ring
Modified Lokar Shifter
Modified Lokar Shifter
Modified Lokar Shifter -- pre-installation
Our newest design
SureShifter in action.
SureShifter base

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